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The art of visual storytelling

We Design Business Presentations & 2D Animated Explainer Videos

Design that communicates

We are a creative design agency helping brands with visually appealing presentations and engaging videos. Led by executives with 25+ years of industry experience, we understand your audience – whether you are a large corporate, small and mid-size company or a startup. Our experience in understanding industry dynamics and the audience’s mindset helps us deliver the right messaging, be it via an explainer video or a product presentation for your business, while maintaining brand consistency.

Our team of creative experts deliver amazing creativescrafted with thoughtful messaging. We at PitchWorx take complex data and simplify them through visuals. We study your content, create illustrative visuals and render your data that’s easy to comprehend. In short, we give creative visualization a new meaning altogether – guaranteed to wow your audience. 

Platform Presentation for Slideshare
Product presentation for a food brand
Event Presentation For Community Radio

Presentation Design Service

We help deliver your business stories with meaningful and visually compelling design.

Investor Pitch Deck

Having designed pitch decks for more than 200 startups across the world, we are convinced that nothing could help you stand out from the crowd but a compelling investor pitch deck.

Product Presentation

You have designed a beautiful product, so why not create an even beautiful presentation that delivers a strong audience oriented message for your product. Take your product a notch above the competition.

Sales Presentation

Sales presentations are a critical part of the sales cycle. Products sell when the sales pitch is creatively designed and well thought through. First impressions are critical – so let them count.

Corporate Presentation

Companies have lots of data and even legacy and history and it’s important to successfully communicate this set of information more meaningfully via engaging infographics delivered in a slick presentation format.

We craft stunning designs and experiences to build brands and help them succeed.

2D Animation & Live Video Shoot

Videos explain everything better, tell the story in the simplest and an easy to comprehend format.

Explainer Video Production

Explaining your product and service under a few minutes could be challenging. But making the process fun by creating an animated explainer video makes it easy to understand and helps you convert the audience into your potential customers.

2D Character Animation Video

Every time you need to emotionally connect with your audience, character animation videos help bring your story to life. They are not only fun to watch, they also explain your business, product or service in a fresh and appealing way.

Kinetic Typography

Fonts always bring out the impact when you need to express an idea. Animated typography and graphics can not only create the right buzz, but they are much more engaging than other video forms.

Motion Graphic Video

Complicated products and services need simple infographics that are animated to engage your audience. Make your story colourful and dynamic with simple motion graphics video.

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