Animation Videos a Guaranteed Way to Boost Your Business Conversion Rate

Search ranks on any website determined by the number of visitors, is one of the major reasons why online videos popularity is increasing by the day. Explainer videos have boomed in the recent years, making it a perfect marketing tool. Conversion rate optimization of your search ads, landing pages, and overall website design plays a[…]

What Breaking Bad taught us About Sales: An Insight into Explainer Videos

When Breaking Bad first appeared on television, it bore the tagline “you know the business, I know the chemistry”. For those who never bothered to go through the epic television series, here’s a small synopsis: a sincere chemistry high school teacher is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and he joins forces with a drug-peddling ex-student[…]

Background Score and Its Importance in Explainer Videos

Music is something we all love, appreciation for which is ingrained in us since the time we’re born till the time we die. Expression of thoughts is supported by music, so is a display of passion! Music has the power to move, motivate and steer people into action; to the extent that even advertisements feature[…]

Of Animation Videos and Investors: The Story!

Suppose you’re an investor and you have lined up 2 people both having seemingly “lucrative” ideas. While one of them has a huge pile of documents bearing his idea, the other one coolly walks in with a pen drive in his hand. You ask both of them to pitch their ideas. The first one, let’s[…]

What Your Explainer Video is Missing?

Our brains are programmed to grasping information in an audio/visual format as opposed to textual overdose; which is exactly the reason why companies spend thousands of dollars to get a neat-looking explainer video for business. While textual information doesn’t have enough recall value, business proponents make use of marketing via corporate animation videos to deliver[…]

The Power of Animation Videos in Advertising and Which Brands did it Right!

Animation undoubtedly has the power to enliven ideas, turning them into something so spectacular that it engages the audience like nothing else. The development of animation videos, right from silent cartoons, to present day “motion graphics” has led to its integration with the advertising industry. Let’s go through the history of animation in advertising: Back[…]

Why you cannot simply do without explainer videos!

Simply because our brains feed more on visual content as opposed to textual bombardment. Ever wondered why we flip through pages of a boring book, yet can endure a long boring feature film? This is because our brains are programmed in a way that processes visuals faster than textual data. This is exactly the reason[…]

Conjuring greatness: How the animation industry evolved over the years!

The conception and birth of animation has allowed us to express ourselves more freely. The whole paradigm shift from still images to creating motion has bestowed us with a tool that has been used effectively over a broad spectrum, ranging from ad films to TV shows and motion picture. From its humble beginnings, the animation[…]

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