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How We Work

blogger - April 22, 2014 - 0 comments

1. Briefing Call

The preliminary process kicks-off when the client sends forth his/her blueprint for a presentation. The briefing call is usually held over Skype or telephone. The initial briefing can be in the form of an article, a write-up, a strategic business plan or a sales collateral. The discussions pertaining to appending/abridging/rewriting content are taken in this preliminary phase.

2. Understanding the intent of the presentation

To ensure that the presentation packs a power punch, we do a great deal of back-end research, keeping in mind the actual intent. We at PitchWorx create quality presentations and weave our magic wands over the blueprints to deliver exactly the same. The style of presentations vary as per the content, intent and the message to be relayed!

3. What clients want?

Our aim is to align our design strategy with the expectations of the clients. For the same, we ensure effective synergy, bolstered through two-way communication, in order to achieve what’s desired by the clients. Our rudimentary strategy involves creating the ‘first cut’ or ‘Version 1’ supported by 4-5 basic slides for the client’s perusal.

4. Feedback

Upon submission of the first version of the presentation, we seek the client’s feedback on the changes to be incorporated. As a precursor to obtaining feedback, we also seek the client’s website link, a high-definition logo and links to the company’s social media accounts. This is done to ensure that our creation blends effortlessly with the client’s demands.

5. Final Submission

After intense brainstorm sessions and hours of toil, our creative team finally rolls out the final version to the presentation. The final draft is sent for a review at the behest of the client. Changes at this stage, if any are intimated to us and we work a revised version of the presentation. The presentations we create are finalized taking the following into perspective:

– Design
– Content
– Messaging
– Impact

The final files are also sent to the client as fully editable PowerPoint presentations with a choice of fonts. At the request of the client, we either use standard fonts exclusively or employ the usage of custom fonts.

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