Why graphic designing is the ideal career path?

Unlike most other occupations that require a tedious, run of the mill and an ever so mundane framework of operation, graphic design thrives on the ability to deliver creativity! A graphic designer needs to constantly explore the vistas of his/her creative mind to be able to conjure the best designs. The constant brainstorm is what[…]

Conjuring greatness: How the animation industry evolved over the years!

The conception and birth of animation has allowed us to express ourselves more freely. The whole paradigm shift from still images to creating motion has bestowed us with a tool that has been used effectively over a broad spectrum, ranging from ad films to TV shows and motion picture. From its humble beginnings, the animation[…]

Turn your ideas into marvels of artistic genius!

Perhaps the most creative way to lull your audience to sleep is through a uni-dimensional presentation. A presentation replete with drab layouts, tedious text and unimpressive images capable enough of knocking you out faster than a right jab by Mikey Tyson on cocaine. Is this how you plan on selling “BIG”? At the end of[…]

How to implement graphics in your presentation

The mantra behind delivering a successful presentation is to know what message is to be conveyed through each individual slide. Essentially, a good presentation should have a crisp write-up, a clear vocal narrative and the employment of graphics! The whole point is to make your presentation as engaging and interesting as possible. There are times[…]

Sell well with creative graphic designs!

The secret behind success is the ability to deliver things differently to your target audience. Your customers need an enticing reason to buy from you and not from your competitors. Your product offerings should be modelled in a way that it stands out from the run-of-the-mill competition. It is vital for a company’s existence, to[…]

Top 5 Business Presentation Tools in the Market Today:

The art of presentation is a skill that only a few think-tanks are capable of efficiently delivering. In the realm of business presentation, nothing explains things more succinctly than a good presentation, capable of communicating even the slightest detail. Here is a list of the top 5 software applications that come in handy while creating[…]

Fly home a PowerPoint

Fly home a point – a PowerPoint Do you find creating a presentation a difficult task or just too boring? Are you concerned about the look of your presentation that you’ve made and really want to improve it? Do you want to express your ideas and communicate to your audience though it in a perfect[…]

Next Generation Tools

PowerPoint and Keynote have long been the de facto standard and the most widely used presentation tools for all your office or personal needs – nearly ubiquitous on corporate computers, feature packed and tightly integrated with other office applications to the extent that they provided the control an average user needed to create and deliver[…]

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