5 Essential Types of Videos for a Smooth Onboarding Process

For any company, the onboarding process is a crucial element. According to analysts, a company that follows a proper onboarding process creates an average employee retention rate of 86%. The reason behind this success is that it allows the new employees to learn about the company, its policies, its work culture and also gives them[…]

Impress Your Audience with Visual Storytelling in Your Presentations

Stories are such an integral part of humans. From folklores to the present day Netflix-dramas, there have always been stories surrounding us. Every society and culture has stories that have been passed down through generations. They are easy to remember and effective in influencing our way of life.  So if storytelling can be so persuasive,[…]

How can Animation Benefit Education?

Do you ever scroll through your feed and find an animated video that caught your eye? Over the years, animation has evolved so much that it is no longer just children’s cartoons. Children love animated cartoons for its vibrant colours, creativity and its simplicity and adults love it because it gives us a sense of[…]

A Complete Guide on Infographic Videos

Presenting valuable information is an essential part of creating any type of content. Be it a pitch or a marketing campaign, data can be the make-or-break point. But data can also be mind-numbing. In most cases, your audience will fail to understand what your data represents. So how do you translate your boring data into[…]

How to Measure the Success of Your Video Marketing Campaign

As the world moves towards video marketing for product advertisement, companies have begun investing tons of money in producing video ads for their brands. But, how successful are these video campaigns? Can you track its growth? Are you getting a good return on investment? How do you measure your success? If these are the questions[…]

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Animated Video for Business

Videos are the “it” thing of the twenty-first century. Social media has changed the content scene completely and every business, big and small, is using video and visual content as a part of their marketing strategy. Since no single approach works all the time, marketing strategies use a combination of tactics and content forms and[…]

10 Common Video Marketing Mistakes you Need to Avoid

While people have started understanding the importance of video marketing, it is also important to realise that, without proper planning and execution, videos won’t reap the benefits. When videos are produced well and has a strong content, then it becomes an effective marketing tool. But otherwise it could do more harm than good.  Along with[…]

The Power of Video Advertisement in 2021

The past one year has seen a big shift in the world at large as our entire lives have shifted to virtual platforms. We work and study online, get everything from groceries to medicines off various apps and as always, consume content on the world wide web too. Now that eyeballs are increasingly shifting to[…]

Script Writing 101: Everything you Need to know about Writing a Video Script

It is no secret that videos are now a powerful marketing tool. But, no matter how many explainer videos you invest in, the success of your video can only be determined by the quality of your script. Your script is like the foundation for your video. The stronger the foundation, the better will be the[…]

Video Marketing Secrets That No Other Animation Agency Will Tell You

If you think that running an ad is the only way to market your video, you’ve been living under a rock. It’s already established that videos are the number one way to educate, inform, and present a brand message in the most engaging way. But what is the right way to go about video marketing?[…]

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