Investor Pitch/ Fundraising Presentation

Having designed pitch decks for more than 200 startups across the world, we create investor pitch decks with visually impactful and eye-catching designs. We know that nothing but a compelling investor pitch deck can help your business idea stand out from the crowd. With our PowerPoint presentation design services, we design pitch decks that wows your audience Our investor pitches cater to all kinds of brands- quirky, serious and sober.

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Sales Presentation

It is a humongous task to create a Sales PowerPoint presentation design that may lead the consumers/ investors to trust your vision and product. As a presentation design agency, we design professional presentations that are informational, inspirational, educational, and motivational enough to lead them towards call-to-action.

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Product Presentation

For effective PowerPoint presentations, your products need to be the star. Whether it’s a large audience in an auditorium, an online webinar demo, a table pitch or even a boardroom presentation, your product needs the attention it deserves. Our team of designers are well-equipped to help you design any kind of product presentation.

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Business Presentation

Data visualization can sell stories, spreadsheets don’t. A well-presented infographic that represents your data in a meaningful and persuasive way gets the attention it needs. We are a presentation design company that designs business presentations keeping in mind the components of the company like plans, progress, and specific goals.

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Our Approach

Driven by creativity and passion we always deliver visually impactful designs on time and within budget


Make A Kick-off Call

Our services start with a briefing or kick-off call. “A making connection” time with the client and A stage to “bang on” that big idea. At this stage we understand what you do. With a broad clarity of your business, we assess the objectives, the audience and the deliverables


Undertstanding Content

“Your content is the King” – that’s step 2 in our process. At this stage, we will review your content and assess whether it’s structured for the objectives and audience you have defined in the previous stage. We may even decide to abridge the content to some extent if required.


Design Theme Finalization

Most companies have well-defined brand guidelines that we are expected to follow. However, in the absence of one, we create abroad theme defining your brand persona. We go ahead with the implementation once the theme is approved by you. If not, we go back to producing another version for your review & approval.


Design Implementation

This is where the exciting design implementation begins - the visuals/images, the infographics, typography etc. All visuals are created and finished based on the design concept and theme finalized in the previous step. We focus on the content; our design only helps making the message impactful. Getting rid of the clutter is prime.


Multi-step Quality check

Everyone makes a few mistakes – they are all part of the design process. However, to not rectify these would be a blunder, hence we’ve put in place, a multi-step quality check and review process to ensure every minor mistake is identified and rectified before it goes to you for your review.


Project Feedback & Review

The project isn’t complete unless you have reviewed and shared your comments with us. With your feedback, all the holes are plugged in, the i's are dotted and the t’s are crossed before we send it to you for a final review.


Final Result Delivery

It’s a wrap! Keeping in mind your feedback, we preen, polish, and compile the deliverables so that it not only looks stunning, but it’s ready to wow your audience as well.


We design both Keynote and PowerPoint™ presentations. A quick tip, Keynote presentation (.key) can also be saved as a PowerPoint™ file (.PPTX).

No, we don’t. We tried our hand at Prezi in the past, but we found it to be a bit restrictive from a design perspective. However, if the need arises, we’ll try out new software that comes into the marketplace to support our clients and their expectations to deliver their messages more efficiently

Though we have content specialists on board, we believe the content should be provided by the clients as we do not have domain experts. Our specialists will improve upon the language and make sure the given content is structured to give an impactful presentation.

Yes, we can deliver an animated presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint™. However, it must be noted that presentation software has its limitations in what it can do in terms of animating text or objects. If you need a better quality animation, then we suggest you to look at our video animation services.

Simply put, a fully editable PowerPoint or Keynote presentation file that is visually stunning and captivating. We design your content with stunning graphics by following your brand guidelines. If you don’t have an existing brand guideline specific to presentations, then we will also create and deliver a custom designed theme/ template for you- that you can use extensively for all your future presentations. This will be a part of our overall deliverables.

Yes. We always deliver a file that can be fully edited by you at your convenience using standard PowerPoint software. No gimmicks at all. You don’t have to come back to us to make every small change to your file. Whether it’s editing text or swapping photos, you may do it all by yourself, however, if you still need our help, we will absolutely be available to assist, should a need arise.

Yes, every image that we use as part of our design, is a licensed image from stock sites like Shutterstock. We also have our own library of licensed assets, including images that we’ve built up over the years.

If your content and presentation template is ready, along with your brand guidelines for us to follow, then we will be able to deliver the first cut of the presentation within 3 working days. Sometimes when we have the required bandwidth, it should hit your mailbox well within 2 working days.

Well, in our experience, most clients come to us when they need a rescue mission. To answer your question, yes we are happy to assist clients with a tight deadline. All we request from you is to be slightly more responsive to ensure that you’re able to provide your feedback and review comments faster.

Yes, we are open to signing an NDA. We respect your privacy and your rights to protect your core business, ideas or any other information that you wish to secure. We are committed to ensuring that the information that you share with us remains strictly confidential – always. In fact, we have signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements with most of our clients – including startups and large corporates. Every employee who joins us is expected to sign a confidentiality agreement on the date of joining.

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