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Animated Explainer video for Organic Spice Company

Spices are an integral part of cooking and there are many players who are trying to be the only spice that is being used in the household. Creating spices in their home kitchen, a unique identity and something that invokes homeliness was something that the client aimed with the product.

To this, the Pitchwork team aligned with the client’s vision and overcame the challenges presented through creativity and innovation. Spices are generally showcased in real life videos, but animated videos present a different outlook altogether. Considering the product, the certain process needs to be showcased in a very simple manner for a proper understanding and animated videos allow the same.
A unique taste is demanded by the customers and the same was delivered in this project, by both the client in their product and PitchWorx while creating the animated product explainer video.


Organic Spice Company

  • Skills

    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & After-effects

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