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Presentation Presentation

Pitch Deck – Food & Travel

A unique business idea built for passionate travelers and food connoisseurs. We strongly believe that unique ideas need unique design treatment and that exactly was our approach to this specific project.

Like most of our other clients, the client too was a little particular about what they wanted from a pitch deck design standpoint. The brief we received was a set of word documents and a few phone calls to understand their business model and their vision. We had to cull out relevant information, core messages and the story to produce a visually impactful pitch presentation that encapsulated their mission and vision aptly. This was a long drawn project that underwent multiple iterations before the pitch was ready for investors. We created the investor pitch with a difference. It was like telling a story instead of the usual boring and mundane market, opportunity, financials, funding requirement slides.

  • Date

    February 13, 2017

  • Skills

    PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe Suite

  • Client

    A start-up in the food & travel space

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