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Presentation Presentation

Platform Presentation for Slideshare

The client is the largest online community building platform in the world. This is another presentation that we are proud of. Infact it has been the cornerstone for our success as presentation design company.

The client approached us with a clear mandate of delivering a product presentation that could be shared via Slideshare and is uniquely appealing for their viewers to result in a direct positive impact on new sign ups. BTW, if you aren’t aware, Slideshare is a popular presentation platform and perhaps the world’s largest professional content sharing community.

The client also requested our help to curate the content or often termed as the script of this presentation along with designing it. We designed the presentation content with unique vector graphics to deliver a one core / key message per slide. The output was really brilliant. Take a look.

  • Date

    May 10, 2013

  • Skills

    PowerPoint, Adobe Suite

  • Client

    Online community building platform

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Platform Presentation for Slideshare