Live Videos or Animated Explainer Videos? Take your Pick

Online videos are just everywhere. The whole dynamics of marketing has adapted and accepted videos with open arms. Stalwart competition today has opened gates of cutting-edge marketing technologies to reach out to a wide range of clients and customers. Gone are the days of old tried and tested methods of marketing. More and more businesses[…]

Reasons Why You Need a Great Animated Explainer Video

Are you ready with a killer marketing strategy for your new product? Have you come up with a great plan for branding, conversions and ready with that long list of all the features the product has? Awesome! Your customers are already starting to lose interest. Why? Because what they want to know is not what[…]

Minutes can make or Break Your Animated Explainer Video

From our last article What Should be the Length of your Next Animated Explainer Video, it became clear that if an explainer video on the landing page is too long then no one’s going to watch it. A 2D animation video or an explainer video made in any other technique can garner numerous benefits to[…]

What should be the length of your next Animated Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are in rage for online marketing and sales optimization, well we all know this fact by now. With these videos flowing all over the internet and on web pages of all businesses, the question is how long 2D animation videos should or others made by using different techniques be? To figure this out[…]

Think Before you Approach an Animation Video Company

You’ve been with us from our last article Make that perfect 2D animated video with the right animation video company. In this article, you will learn some additional factors you must keep in mind before you sign up with a 2D animation studio for an explainer video. Factual Testimonials What do past clients have to[…]

Make that Perfect 2D Animated Video with the Right Animation Studio

Animation as a technology is touching lives rapidly with no signs of stopping. Lives of students, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and every other person in the world uses and benefits from it. It’s a technology-based world that’s evolving real quickly. In this varied world, 2D and 3D technology is changing the meaning of visualization and virtual[…]

Milestones in 2D Character animation: A Complete Guide

The animation industry is a colossal world which rests on skills that are alike in basic structure yet consists of diverse ways to achieve the same dream. The dream of turning fantasy into reality! Speaking of which in our last article A Journey through Traditional Animation we touched upon a few milestones we meet along[…]

How Animation Happens inside 2D Animation Studios?

2D animation, which also goes by the name of traditional animation still stands as an inspiration to various potential and expert animators in this technology-driven age. Cel technique works on the principles of traditional drawing each image and frame by hand. It’s an authentic technique that’s constantly evolving engrained in creating engaging characters. Professionals at[…]

2D character animation and its sundry forms

As a follow-up to our previous blog HOW MICKEY MOUSE CAME TO OUR LIVES WITH 2D CHARACTER ANIMATION, this one will talk about the different types of 2D animation for all the lovers and enthusiasts of this animation form. Cel or Traditional Animation As the name suggests, a traditional form of animation where each frame[…]

What is the Best Animation Style for Your Animated Explainer Videos?

There are no two ways about the fact that animated explainer videos are a superb marketing tool for any breed of business today, as they are highly adaptable to any business idea. These videos are great crowd-pullers and certify a mount in conversion rates. But it’s fundamental to know that they come in several styles[…]

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