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Animated Explainer Videos
March 20, 2017

How an Explainer Video Credits Your Business

Whether you are a blooming startup, or a renowned company in the market, you have to lean your shoulder on animated explainer videos to supplement your business. Explainer videos are the latest effective tool that helps boost your business. With its vivacious nature of portraying the agenda of the company, explainer videos have become the…

Explainer video
January 9, 2017

5 Predictions for animated marketing videos in 2017

Explainer video should be a part of your next marketing strategy as it’s reach is kickass. There’s no way you can engage website visitors better and increase click-through rates. Because of their growing popularity in digital marketing campaigns, the future of these videos look bright. But just putting a lot of creativity in video creation…

Minimalism in graphics
December 28, 2016

A designer’s guide to striking minimalist designs

Minimalism in no ways means the lack of creativity. In fact, it has been around for sometime now and in a fresh breath of relief from the overly busy and unnecessarily cluttered websites, posters, ads and logos. For those of you still relatively new to this art form, minimalism as a concept is the stripping away…

george michae
December 27, 2016

Death of a music sensation: George Michael

The death of one of Britain’s biggest popstar of the 80’s and 90’s, George Michael prompted legends Andrew Ridgeley and Sir Elton John pay their tributes. The singer passed away peacefully at his home in Oxfordshire at the age of 53. He tasted his first musical success with pop duo Wham!, then as a solo…

rocket on a bicycle
December 5, 2016

India’s first rocket was brought on bicycle

How India’s space journey with a rocket began on a cycle. “ Saare jahan se acchaa”, – Rakesh Sharma (India’s first astronaut). The famous reply of Indian cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked, how India looks from space is etched in every Indian’s mind and heart, But how many of us know the…

Video Marketing
November 29, 2016

3 Reasons Why Videos Marketing is a Stepping Stone To Business Success

In the world of business, are you an eCommerce firm, an attorney, a dentist or a technical equipment manager? Adorn any hat, you need  video marketing to boost your business. Why? Because a video stands as a testimony to two things: today, it’s the best medium to convey information to consumers and video marketing tips…

infographics design company in India
November 17, 2016

Infographics : A Walk through from Start to Finish!

It’s one thing to create infographics, but it’s another thing to conceive ideas, design, and produce. Let’s not get taken aback. It’s not too overwhelming but it’s not a cake walk either. With an adept team, the process of creating visual information, famously known as infographics or infographic presentation Design should suffice to reach your intended…

Video Marketing
October 4, 2016

Video Marketing & Email Campaigns : A Match Made in Good Heaven!

It seems everybody these days is delving into the deep math of the benefits of video marketing. And you’re probably well aware of the countless merits your business can obtain from a well-sustained email list. But did you know that combining these two – email and video can be incredible thing for your business. Statistically,…